Women's Regional Consortium

Foyle Women’s Information Network is now part of the newly formed Consortium for the Regional Support for Women In Disadvantaged and Rural Areas

The new group consists of seven women’s sector organisations, committed to working in partnership to ensure women’s organisations are given the best possible support.

The seven groups involved are:

 Foyle Women’s Information Network
•    Women’s Resource and Development Agency
•    Training for Women Network
•    Women’s Support Network
•    NI Rural Women’s Network
•    Women’s TEC
•    Women’s Centre Derry

The consortium will be the established link between government and statutory agencies and women in disadvantaged and rural areas, including all groups, centres and organisations delivering essential services, advice and support. It will also ensure a continuous flow of information between government and the sector.

As part of this consortium we will be ensuring that women’s organisations are made aware of consultations, government planning and policy implementation etc.

However this is a two way flow of information so we also intend to feed back to the powers that be, the views, needs and aspirations of women in disadvantaged and rural areas, taking these views forward to influence policy development and future government planning. This will ultimately result in the empowerment of local women in disadvantaged and rurally isolated communities.

The Consortium Worker for FWIN is Rosie McCann, Policy, Communications & Engagement Officer. For more information on the consortium please contact Rosie on Tel:  (028) 7126 6291 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.